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Streamlining Accommodations With the IBCCES Accessibility Card

The IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC) is designed to help individuals requesting accommodations at participating attractions.

What is the IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC)?

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*Individuals requesting the IAC card for themselves must be 18 years or older

Please register for your IAC at least 48 hrs prior to your planned visit to a park

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Requesting accommodations at an attraction can be stressful and frustrating. Luckily, many parks and attractions are providing options so that everyone in the family can still enjoy the fun. The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) created the digital IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC) as a free resource for individuals who need to request accommodations or assistance at participating amusement parks and attractions.

The IAC is for anyone who is requesting accommodations – including but not limited to individuals who are autistic, use a wheelchair, are blind/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing, have mobility support needs, are accompanied by a service animal, have sensory sensitivities, cognitive disabilities, or have other needs and concerns.

The IAC helps identify accommodations needed and expedite the process at parks and attractions. Please read the below information very carefully and note that the IAC does NOT guarantee entry to an attraction and any special accommodations or benefits provided are at the sole discretion of that attraction.

Program Benefits

Expedites Registration for Accommodations

Free & Easy Registration

Improves Overall Experience

1st to Know About Promotions & Events

Mobile App Available on Google & Apple

Simple 3 Step Process

IAC process

Please register for your IAC at least 48 hrs prior to your planned visit to a park

Please Note:

  • The purpose of the IAC is to pre-register you as an individual who may need accommodations or assistance.
  • This is NOT a ticket and does NOT grant you access to any attraction. You will still need to purchase a ticket for admission
  • The IAC does NOT guarantee you any benefits or accommodations. All accommodations afforded to individuals with a need are at the sole discretion of the attraction
  • Please present your IAC upon arrival at the park for details about what accommodations may be available
  • All posted rules and regulations for the attraction you are visiting still apply

Information Needed for Registration:

  • Recent photograph of the cardholder for identification purposes
  • Contact information for the cardholder or the parent/guardian/support person of the cardholder
  • Contact information and statement from medical provider, government entity, or educational support professional related to accommodations requested

Who is Eligible to Register?

Any Individual asking for accommodations can register for the IBCCES Accessibility Card. Examples of needs or accommodations requests include but are not limited to:

Examples of Needs or Accommodations Requests

  • Cannot stand in line for a long period of time
  • Requires ride harness or other supports
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Wheelchair access
  • Physical or mobility restrictions
  • Require visual assistance or guidance
  • Special dietary needs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC) valid for?

The IAC card is good for 1 year following the registration date and can be updated/renewed as many times as needed.

Is the IAC valid at any amusement park or attraction?

The IAC is used as part of the accommodations process at participating attractions and parks. Locations that use the IAC will direct visitors to register on accessbilitycard.org.

To view the full list of locations click here. Please contact the park directly to see what accommodations are available.

Do I get a physical card?

The IAC is available for digital download only but also has the option to print if needed. There is also a mobile app version available through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Where do I show the IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC)?

You can show your IAC on your phone or app (or print it) when you arrive at a participating location to receive available accommodations.

How much is the IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC)?

The IAC is FREE to guests who are requesting accommodations!

What is the registration process?

Registration can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Take IAC to participating park

  3. Get access to available accommodations

What if I lose/delete my IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC)?

You can login to your IAC registration here and reprint or download your card at any time.